People with diabetes really liked this training programme because it puts the person with diabetes at the centre and at number 1.

Point 1

“Listen to the person with diabetes: They live with their diabetes 365 days a year”.

In North West London, people with diabetes are designing their own Diabetes 10 Point Training cards.  This will be a summary of basic points they want other people with diabetes to know when they are admitted  to hospital. A second card will focus on basic messages for people with diabetes who have been unable to access structured education.

The simplicity of messaging in the Diabetes 10 Point Training  framework makes information more accessible to people who may otherwise be ‘hard to reach’.

Many people with diabetes may lack the time, confidence or health literacy to undertake formal structured education and this card could fill a shortfall, enabling them to possess basic diabetes knowledge with which to begin to self-care.  Empowering people to know more and be more assertive about their diabetes will also improve their own safety.

The Diabetes 10 Point Training for People with Diabetes could develop into a strong empowerment tool and has the potential to become a national resource.