We asked ” What would you do differently now you have the training ?”

I will never refer to a patient as a diabetic again!

Check patients feet more often

Checking the feet on admission

Remember to check a random BM on patients on anti-psychotic medication

I would refer patient to diabetes team when needed

I would question doctors not to give iv insulin on its own but I would like to see more clear guidelines for it

Diabetes is a very serious disease and needs be managed appropriately to avoid complications in the future

Very helpful upgrade

Ketosis prone flat- bush diabetes

Always use IV dextrose when a patient is on sliding scale

I would check the feet

I know to  administer insulin alongside tube feed not before otherwise the patient will experience hypo

Aware of foot problems actually conduct visual and touch test

Challenge doctors regards PRN actrapid and VRIII prescription

What have you gained?

Much higher awareness of diabetes on this ward; I feel the training was a big success

Cardiology lead nurse

More confident dealing with diabetes patients: clarified questions

Training very useful, esp. early screening managing hypo and hyperglycaemic situations

How would you describe the training?

Completely mind blowing and has changed the way I think about diabetes

Care home nursing staff

This is vital in my work role as staff nurse.  Especially how to manage low and high blood glucose