I am a trained nurse and I have worked in a variety of roles in many different settings in and outside the UK in community and hospitals.

I ran my first diabetes clinic in the late 1990s while working as a practice nurse in a busy London GP surgery and in 2003 I moved from there to become a specialist diabetes nurse at The Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead London.  I was subsequently appointed as  Clinical Lead for the Diabetes Service at the Trust.

In this role I helped set up the inpatient diabetes service and I led a number of hospital – wide diabetes transformation projects which focussed on improving inpatient care and safety.  These far reaching projects required the collaboration and co-working with multiple other stakeholders and teams in the organisation and in 2013 my team won:

“Virtual College Lean Healthcare Academy Award for Improvement of Services Through Development and Training”. 

Subsequent National Diabetes Inpatient Audit data demonstrated significant improvements in diabetes care and patient safety.  This project became the focus for my subsequent MSc: 

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‘Inpatient Risk Management’.

In 2015 I led the diabetes nursing service at Poole in Dorset and It was there that the Diabetes 10 Point Training was delivered to more than 1000 patient facing staff.  Data from The National Diabetes Inpatient Audit 2015-2016 indicated that The Trust had moved from the highest quartile for insulin errors to the lowest quartile in this short time-frame.

 I now work as a Diabetes Nurse Consultant / Implementation Lead for Diabetes 10 Point Training in the North West London Diabetes Transformation Programme.  All 5 Diabetes 10 Point Training programmes are now being implemented across 8 clinical commissioning groups across North West London.